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Plum sake made of aged sake

In pursuit of ultimate plum sake

For plum wine of aging old wineHaving found our unique aged sake (koshu) in hand, which can be found nowhere else, we opted to create the best plum sake in the same way.

According to a literature in the beginning of Edo period, plum sake originated as medicinal liquor, mixing plums and aged sake. This fact encouraged us Making plum sake has been a fulfilling experience, as we could pursue our belief in bringing the core essence of sake, without being bound to what is commonly accepted today.

First of all, we needed the plum.
Having searched for the best plum matching perfectly with our aged sake matured over 10 years, we have reached to Nanko plums in Kishu region (mainly Wakayama prefecture). Nanko plums are particularly rich in amino acid and sufficiently rich in sugar. They are special in the sense that sourness and sweetness are both high and well balanced.

For plum wine of aging old wineThen, we have made trial and error in sugar contents. We have brewed around 50 test products, considering various types of sugar, such as brown sugar, fructose, industrial syrup, and sucrose, adjusting mixing ratio that matches with the plum. Finally, we decided to use rock sugar and millet sugar. As aged sake has a matured flavour without notes of rice malt, it beautifully matches with the aroma of plums. As a result, a higher level of plum sake was formed.
The taste is exceptional. Containing a large amount of unique amino acid by maturing, aged sake has made a great fusion with citric acid and amino acid of plums. With a soft sweetness of millet sugar, distinctively deep and complex flavour will spread in the mouth along with a sour taste of plum.

We have four products of plum sake as follows.
Eternal plum sake Shizuku Silver selection: using 10 year old aged sake Yamabuki and 100% Nanko plums produced in Kishu area.
Eternal plum sake Shizuku Gold selection: using 12 years old aged sake Yamabuki and 100% Nanko plums produced in Minabe town in Kishu area.
Eternal plum sake Shizuku PREMIUM: using Yamabuki 1995, the world's best aged sake (category koshu) ranked in 2009 IWC, and 100% Nanko plums produced in Minabe town in Kishu area.
"mon ·mume": blending Chardonnay (white wine) of Loire valley and plum sake using aged sake Yamabuki, and Nanko plums produced in Minabe town in Kishu area.
They all have refreshing sweetness and surely will enhance the taste of meals. Please give it a try.

Product List

Yamabuki 1976 X3 AkitaFuji
Yamabuki 1995 X3 rose Mon mume
Yamabuki Gold Ametsuchi Eternal Plum "Shizuku"
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