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Aged old sake Yamabuki

Aged sake YAMABUKI

When you devotedly pursue the true nature of things, you could reach outside the boxes of conventional thinking. We have learned that in sake brewery. What is the true nature of Japanese sake? Among countless numbers of liquors around the globe, what is the unique nature that only Japanese sake has? It is the 'umami' taste.

Eternal Umeshizuku


According to the Liquor Tax Act, the official definition of 'aged sake' is merely "sake which is not new". Thus, there are cases that old sake bottles sat in cold temperature are sold as aged sake. However, aged sake, for us, shall have 'umami' taste maturing quietly over time. It is not just an old bottled sake.

Aged sake, sake

Maturing sake / Refined sake

The Po valley in the Northern Italy is known for production of its world class fermented food, such as prosciutto of Parma, Culatello, and Parmesan cheese. They have extremely advanced technology in aging process for their rich home-grown products that local people have honed over a long period of time in their natural conditions. When one looks for a similar place with such techniques in Japan, people would mention Akita in the first place.

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Kinmon Akita brewing the sale of liquor to minors, we have strictly prohibited. Underage drinking is prohibited by law.

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